Aerial Gymnastics Classes for Kids Aged 6 – 10 years 6pm-7pm

During this 6 week course Students will learn how to somersault, back flip, hold positions, and improve your Gymnastic ability and fitness level whilst having fun hanging upside down!.

2018 Term Dates for both the Tuesday Class and Wednesday Class:

Tuesday 10th January-Tuesday 13th February (6weeks £36)

Tuesday 27th February- Tuesday 27th March (5 weeks £30)

Tuesday 17th April-Wednesday 15th May (5weeks £30)

Tuesday 12th June- Tuesday 17th July (5weeks £36)

Tuesday 4th July- Tuesday 28th August (6 weeks £36)

Tuesday 4th September- Tuesday 16th October (7weeks £42)

Tuesday 6th November- Tuesday 18th December (7weeks £42)

Wednesday 10th January- Wednesday 14th February (6weeks £36)

Wednesday 28th February- Wednesday 28th March (5weeks £30)

Wednesday 18th April- Wednesday 16th May (5weeks £30)

Wednesday 13th June- Wednesday 18th July (6weeks £36)

Wednesday 25th July- Wednesday 29th August (6weeks £36)

Wednesday 5th September- Wednesday 17th October (7weeks £42)

Wednesday  7th November- Wednesday 19th December (7weeks £42)




Parents are welcome to attend the last 10 minutes of the lesson to take pictures and observe the routines of their own children.

Advance booking is needed for these classes to reserve your place.